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After running a pilot group on self-care for mental health professionals in 2013, Lafe realized the wider potential for materials and approach he had created and began to teach and research it extensively. He later switched his PhD research from blended families to the Stealing Minutes approach to self-care in order to bring more time and resources to the project. Since then Lafe has taught the Stealing Minutes workshop to hundreds of mental health, medical, and educational professionals in New England and is in the process of writing a book to make the material accessible to a much wider audience. Join the Stealing Minutes Newsletter to stay in touch about upcoming events.

Lafe teaches workshops regularly in the New Hampshire area and is happy to travel to teach groups in any institutional or organizational setting. The Stealing Minutes approach has been helpful for people in a number of high-stress work environments and can help reduce risk through reducing stress, anxiety, and burnout in the workplace.



As well as the creator of the Stealing Minutes workshops and trainings, Lafe Coppola is a marriage and family therapist at Warren Street Family Counseling Associates in Concord, NH. He enjoys working with individuals, couples, families, and adolescents with a wide range of life challenges and goals. He follows a relaxed, flexible, and non-judgmental approach that creates room for clients to share their stories, gain insights and explore new ideas. He believes this is best done in a collaborative, respectful way that builds a safe, comfortable environment for moving forward together. Lafe’s special interests and life experiences include blended families, couples, stress & anxiety, anger management, spiritual challenges, caregiver support, grief & loss, at-risk adolescents, elderly and end of life issues.



 Responding to Today's Excessive Stress & Anxiety

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